All of our pictures are interchangable so please visit our Lazy Susan and TV Tray pages to see other          designs to choose from.  We want to paint your ideas, so if you don't see what you want please call or      email us so we can custom design our products to fit your decor. 

   24" and 29" Natural Legs - $105.00 - Sales tax and shipping additional.
   Call for price on other style stools. 
   Click on images for a larger view.  
   Call or email before you order so we can calculate your sales tax and shipping fees.

           Frangi                       Footprints in Sand               Sand Castle             Sunrise St. Augustine         Shimmering Sunset             Crashing Waves                   Mahi Mahi
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        Wasting Away                     Lighthouse                      Palm Tree Right             Palm Tree Left               Running Horse                Corvette Emblem                    Corvette
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     Jumping Dolphin              Sea Turtle                               Manatee                        Pelican                      Coconut Palm                     Beach Umbrella                    Sailfish
       Giraffes                           Zebras                             Baby Elephant                   Baby Lion                           Black Bear                   Cut Pineapples                    Pineapple
         Phython                        Phython II                  Brown Eyed Susans            Wild Flowers                      Sunflower                   Fresh Vegetables                  Red Fish