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Each item we offer is beautifully hand-painted and protected with a high gloss lacquer finish. Choose from our selection of designs or tell us what you would like and we will custom paint your order. Before you order please call to
confirm the cost for shipping.

Salada Designs is located in Tampa, Florida where we seriously enjoy
relaxing and entertaining on our patio. We have added some personality to our
furniture and hope we can add the same to your bar or patio. Please check out some of our designs or perhaps you want something that matches your own individual taste. Call or email us with your ideas.

Check out our selection of bar stools and other products. We now offer hand painted products for your children, check out children's products.

Salada Designs - 6802 Barry Road, Tampa FL 33634
813/727-2654 - 813/727-2246 - 813/882-9490
Email: orders@saladadesigns.com
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